Friday, March 14, 2008

downtime in downtown

Except for the brief Chuck Norris post, the blog has been silent for awhile due to a few projects and duties that have required much of my time. However, now I finally have a chance to write you from my seat on the Pacific Surf Liner headed south from LA to Santa Ana. This weekend, I’m attending the Non-Con, a conference for people who hate conferences. I’ll definitely keep you all posted on the interesting conversations happening there as I’m able. I also have a few thoughts on LA from my time at Union Station today that I’ll write later.

I’ve been feeling a bit crispy around the edges lately and have needed some downtime, hence today’s 7-hour train and bus ride instead of a white-knuckle 5 hour Friday drive down from Fresno. We just stopped in Fullerton, a town near to my heart since it’s where I finally settled down and went to one college for an extended period of time. Right here off the tracks at the Santa Fe Cafe, my friend Brett (also known as Anthony Archer) played a show we went to last April or was it two years ago? My memory is definitely getting worse.

A girl up ahead of me is reading Soul Cravings, by Erwin McManus…too bad I won’t have time to ask her about it since I get off in roughly ten minutes.

I’m 86 songs into my 259 track “train ride to orange county for the non conference” playlist. I’ve also been playing Worldwide Soccer Manager 2007, reading the book unchristian, working on a birthday video for my father in law, planning the completion of a web site, reading the Fresno Bee, and realizing that a whole hell of a lot of people wear sandals in southern California. To me, train station bathrooms and open toes don’t mix.

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