Wednesday, June 11, 2008

your war takes all your time; modest ambitions

it's difficult to get perspective when you are in the middle of the someone who finds it awkward standing still, I find that I am just about always embroiled in some situation or another.

here I am, typing, worried about booking the right shows, worried about our new sunday gathering, worried about a funeral on friday, worried about our overnight drive to mexico sunday night, worried that i should be working on a book or something more productive than blogging and songwriting. worried that my daughter is going to grow up in some hellish america where the rich tyrannize the poor and decide who can get married and who can have kids and who can breathe the air. worried that rocknroll is childish in the face of AIDS and terrorism.

there is much to celebrate, there is much to consider, there is much conversation to share. i cannot shake the feeling that after 28 years, I still don't really know how to live or how to love. here is where we are but my mind is always over there.

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dave said...

"worried that rocknroll is childish in the face of AIDS and terrorism"

indeed it it is, which is precisely why God will use it in the fight