Wednesday, March 25, 2009

(M)orning by Mae

Although I was deeply disappointed in the band's major label debut, Singularity, I still have a special place in my heart for the band Mae. In fact, I still listen to The Everglow whenever I feel the need for a little comfort in the midst of post-modern urban alienation.

The band has bounced back from being bounced (or did they ask out of contract? it's all the same these days any way) from Capitol, with a fantastic idea. Record 12 songs in 12 months and donate all of the proceeds to a charity created by the band partnered up with Habitat for Humanity. The resulting three songs have all been interesting, lush, slightly orchestral compositions. March's entry "A Melody, The Memory" is my favorite song so far. Both familiar and new, the song's subject matter deals with the way music provides a soundtrack for those moments, you know the one's I'm taking about. So, what are you waiting for? The band has already raised over $24,000 for the various projects. It's certainly a big idea, some would say naive ... to which I say "way to dream out loud!"

From the messaage board:

"(M)orning represents the beginning of the day, the beginning of the year, and the beginning of a life. It is our childhood. It is our fresh start. It is our new hope. It is the empty canvas of our minds and the beginning of our story.

[January - April] This is the season to focus on youth and help instill appreciation for music and the arts. Music is the world's language. It has the ability to bridge nations and to connect people. We have been changed by the power of music. That is a gift we want to share. Art goes hand in hand with music as a powerful voice of expression. Art shows us the world from the people's point of view. Art is the vessel of the human experience and it is a powerful weapon in the hands of truth. This is also the time to focus on education. Learning is what opens the doors to a better future. What aspects of the education system need our help? How do we educate ourselves to face the world's problems as they become ours to solve? These are the issues of Morning:


We have asked you to write the story. Here is how you do that. We are giving ALL of the profits from the sale of our digital downloads to projects that we choose together with you. Think about the specific things you feel passionate about changing in the world. Since the first part of the year is dedicated to music, art and education, we are asking you to think about how we can work together to fix things that are broken. We do not just want to throw money at something. We want to create a door for involvement. Lets talk. What can we do together to make education better? What do you like and dislike about your education? What about school music and art programs? Do you know any amazing teachers that are trying things that live outside of the box? Tell this community about them and lets make sure that we shine a light on the people that are doing it right.
We are thinking about working with an organization called Destination Imagination. Have any of you ever worked with them before? What was that experience like? Check out the link and lets get our hands dirty."

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