Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Fat Tuesday

Today, Fat Tuesday collides with Super Tuesday in a clash of the allegedly meaningful (politics) and the allegedly carnal (Mardi Gras). Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, the begining of the Lenten season that culminates with Easter. What you may or may not already know, is that Fat Tuesday (even when it does not cross over into presidential politics) has long been a day that exists in tension between the sacred and the profane. Though it has become an often lurid celebration with dangerous frat boys and wanna be thugs clashing and some women choosing to downgrade their status to that of purely sexual beings for the night, Fat Tuesday has always been intended as a time to enjoy a few pleasures before the more-serious season of Lent.

For me, Fat Tuesday as consisted of a decadent lunch at Panda Express and some stew beef for dinner. I may even enjoy a 44 oz Pepsi later. During the last several years, Bekah and I have chosen to celebrate Lent in the traditional way and we have found it to be both meaningful and difficult at times, I'll write more about that tomorrow.

At midnight tonight, Amelia turns one year old. That is something worth celebrating. Though I've been out all night partying on a few Fat Tuesdays in the past, I've never been happier than I am now, sitting on the couch watching CNN and listening to Mel talk herself to sleep.

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