Monday, February 11, 2008

where you live should not decide whether you live or whether you die

Today was the final day of the World Vision Experience: AIDS. We had a phenomenal time volunteering and bringing groups over the last few days...thanks to World Vision for being such a great organization and for their commitment to ending the global AIDS pandemic.

I've been really enjoying the latest Jimmy Eat World album during the last week. On my way to Amelia's first birthday party friday night, I actually turned up the stereo and shout/sang falsetto along to the song "Here it Goes." The site of this nearly 28-year-old former punk rocker rolling along in an SUV with a cab full of pink helium balloons singing along to a disco rock song must have been amusing. Now, I'm not sure that Chase This Light is a classic or anything like that. More likely, I have now entered the phase of life where nostalgia dealers will start to sell me old Coke bottles or pictures of Rosie the Riveter. There was a time when Jimmy Eat World's Clarity was the soundtrack to my life. I still can't really dig Bleed American because there are so many painful memories connected to that one. In my opinion though, "Let it Happen" from the latest record is ALMOST as good as "Lucky Denver Mint." So, thank you JEW for the classic retro vibes and did I mention that I just bought skateboarding shoes?

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