Thursday, September 27, 2007

movies worth mentioning?

I'm not a big fan of movie companies reaching out to churches for $$ and buzz, however, it does seem like this might be a pretty special movie based on the story behind the film and the film's story. Bella opens October 26th and I'll probably go see it that weekend. for more info bella the movie website...


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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

bicycle crash


Monday evening I crashed my bicycle on my ride home from work. I was riding along the sidewalk in front of Centennial park on Shepherd Ave. and hit a rock or something that caused me to spin out of control, fly headfirst into the concrete, and roll onto my back into the bushes. I’m very fortunate and blessed to have walked away with a mild concussion, bruises and scrapes, a head wound (pictures to follow when I can get them off bekah’s camera phone) and a bruised wrist. Several lessons can certainly be taken away from this incident…


Lesson #1: Always wear a helmet.

Lesson #2: Remember your cell phone so you don’t have to stumble, bleeding profusely, all the way back to work to call your wife.

Lesson #3: Don’t make fun of your venerable boss, Bob Willis, for falling off his bike or you might just fall off yours. Only one hour earlier I had yelled as he peddled away from Northpark, “Don’t fall off your bike!” Turns out that was a pretty foolish move.

Lesson #4: All joking aside, it was a pretty intense, high speed collision with the ground and I am so thankful not to be injured worse…no guitar or video games for a week or two but otherwise…no serious harm.


Related song: Bicycle by Plankeye, off the album Commonwealth.




Sunday, September 23, 2007

list of reasons to watch/not watch tv

Often the two are one and the same. My observations from Sunday night.


  1. Comments like “I’m smart. I read books. I play beer pong. I party with the boys.” From America’s Top Model Season 903.
  2. Hilary Clinton’s hairstyle: consistently bland/inoffensive since 2002.
  3. All the SPIN you can handle in the alleged NO SPIN ZONE.
  4. Endless SNL reruns.
  5. Tony Romo acting all suave and etc.




Friday, September 21, 2007

the living room comp #1

Last night we were up until one and then amelia decided to get up around four-thirty but we did have an excellent small group at our house last night and I made the following mix which I thought I'd share. the accompanying project playlist has most of the songs plus a couple of bonus tracks...

i'm alone in the house for a couple of days starting today at 2:00 pm so you may hear a lot from me this weekend, both here and at, and

the national "all the wine"
rogue wave "chicago x 12"
tokyo police club "your english is good"
beck "time bomb"
jose gonzalez "down the line"
birds and batteries "ocarina"
matt hopper "head to feet"
lucinda williams "make me a pallet on your floor"
minus the bear "ice monster"
the postal service "grow old with me (john lennon)"
dashboard confessional "thick as thieves"
modest mouse "we've got everything"

playlist exclusions/inclusions:
someone needs to give matt hopper some mp3 love, no songs available
included the john lennon version of "grow old with me"
emmylou harris is nice for babies and wives
modest mouse is playing live