Monday, November 24, 2008

mallonee videos

Dug up two videos: The first, a video for the haunted, cracked beauty of "Resplendent", a song that seems more appropriate today than it did in 2000, now that we are at the tail end of the Bush-era.

How much of this was meant to be?
How much the work of the devil?
How far can one man's eyes really see
in these days of toil and trouble?

How much of this is failing flesh?
How much the course of retribution?
My my how loudly we plead our innocence
long after we've made our contribution.

The second is a Bob Dylan cover, by way of the Byrds more pop version. "My Back Pages."

vigilantes of love, bill mallonee

I stayed up way too late last night pondering/researching/ruminating on the life and times of a certain songwriting hero of mine, Bill Mallonee formerly/currently of Vigilantes of Love. See Wikipedia article.

Bill has fallen on some hard times recently, so if you like what you hear, please consider purchasing some of his records. Also, there are some good deals available. I just got Audible Sigh from Amazon mp3 for $6.99 even though I own the disc somewhere. Part of me feels like editorializing on Bill's uniquely American story but I'll leave that up to this excellent piece in CT and instead recommend that you give his music a chance.

I recommend the songs, "Resplendant" and "Goes with Saying" from Audible Sigh but my favorite VOL record is "To the Roof of The Sky."