Friday, June 27, 2008

faux occult. narrative theology, sigur ros, broken social scene, club fred, fresno bulldogs, alkaline trio

Another week in the whirlwind...trying to understand where the sermon on the mount fits into the narrative arc of the Bible, listening to the new Alkaline Trio record, cooking taco salad for 140 people, cursing my best friend for moving back to Idaho. Oh, we also played a show to a few brave souls at club fred, dropped by the big celebration yesterday at Beiden Field, and are going to the farmer's market and grizzlies tonight. Since I took one class at Fresno State in 1998, I can also say that I've been through two National Championship baseball season (Fullerton in '04).

In between those events a bunch of other things transpired, and I missed both Euro semifinal games. My cousins are staying with us this weekend and I just ate with my friend Jason at Thai Palms. If you can't tell, I struggle with both focus and chronology.

If you choose to ignore the faux occultism and satanic references as I do, and instead recognize the Alkaline Trio as gloomy punk pop heirs to the Cure than you might love them as much as I do. The last several albums have been questionable but their latest, Agony and Irony, sounds on first listen like a welcome return to form. Nobody writes better break up songs and as it turns out, they also churn out some dark-leaning true love songs while they're at it. Maybe I'll get out to their summer tour, but that would also require that I figure out when and where they're playing.

I've also been enjoying the new Sigur Ros album. Beginning this week, I'm speaking for three consecutive weeks in our Red Letters series. While I am pretty stoked for the opportunity, I am also not too skilled at organizing my week to leave space for the amount of contemplation, study and prayer I'd like to make time for.

Over time, I've grown to love this wonderful, smoggy, irritatingly provincial city we live in. It's very imperfections are the reasons that I believe we need to love it...AND work to correct some serious injustices. Problems like this one...have been haunting me since I took the drive WAY down Chestnut to Fresno Pacific and saw some houses/apartments that looked like they wouldn't have been occupied during the Dust Bowl. Someone needs to stand up for what's right and stop these greedy corporate bastards from taking advantage of the poor. {UPDATE: Having spent more time on Mr. Defrees' site, I must point out that I cannot agree with his position on illegal/undocumented workers but I do appreciate a site like his and the constant challenges he throws down for those with the power to change things}

I'm praying about what to do next.

Monday, June 23, 2008

God allows crazy people to get themselves on the air

My friends just love to send me clips of Christians behaving in lunatic fashion...generally, I don't like to waste a ton of time pointing out what we all already know but sometimes, I (and you maybe) need some comic relief. I mean, we can't necessarily judge people by their looniest moments but you can be funny. This one's for you Jason Nill.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

amelia jane townsend, mexico, euro 2008, the jealous sound

Amelia is going to be dedicated today at Northpark. Bekah's parents and my family have all converged in Fresno for the first time since she was born in Davis and so we'll be able to celebrate her symbolic dedication. Practically, we dedicated her to God the moment that she was born. In other news, we can now announce that in late January 2009, we will be welcoming another life into our family...or in less stately terms, Bekah done got herself knocked up.

I'm pretty excited about the jealous sound ep that is allegedly coming out on tuesday...however, I have my doubts about this release date seeing as how neither the band nor the label, have done any kind of promotion other than post a release date and allow the speculation to run rampant. I understand that the band is finished and all but you'd think a little communication would be the polite way to proceed.

Euro 2008 update: does any one else wish this thing would never end?

You may or may not have noticed that I haven't been posting much lately...between the launch of our new Sunday night gathering, our Mission trip to Mexico and Bekah's morning sickness, I have been unfaithful to my silly little blog....if that's all I've been unfaithful to then I suppose everything is pretty all right.

Friday, June 13, 2008

mixtapes: cliche and oh so grand

so cassette tape images are rapidly becoming all the rage, guess we'd better redesign the overdubs site soon. I found out tonight that leona naess and ryan adams were once engaged. they both make an appearance on the following mix...

time for bed.


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

your war takes all your time; modest ambitions

it's difficult to get perspective when you are in the middle of the someone who finds it awkward standing still, I find that I am just about always embroiled in some situation or another.

here I am, typing, worried about booking the right shows, worried about our new sunday gathering, worried about a funeral on friday, worried about our overnight drive to mexico sunday night, worried that i should be working on a book or something more productive than blogging and songwriting. worried that my daughter is going to grow up in some hellish america where the rich tyrannize the poor and decide who can get married and who can have kids and who can breathe the air. worried that rocknroll is childish in the face of AIDS and terrorism.

there is much to celebrate, there is much to consider, there is much conversation to share. i cannot shake the feeling that after 28 years, I still don't really know how to live or how to love. here is where we are but my mind is always over there.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

new bio and side headache

i've been listening to british sea power, though I should really be trying to sleep...

the overdubs practiced the other night and it sounded good, much noisier. I really like the alt-country vibe of some of our previous shows but they left me missing the rock, plus we just played too many ballads.

i have a headache on the side of my face.

if you want to see some cool videos check out the black cab sessions Brilliant Idea!!