Thursday, October 17, 2013

#HumanRights and Blog Action Day 2013

I haven't written too many blog entries this year. But as I heard about this year's topic for Blog Action Day, I knew that I had to chime in about #HumanRights. The UN's Declaration of Human Rights is a document that I have studied since college and a vital step forward for millions, even billions of people--if and only if, governments and the people of the world agree to do something about it.

While far from a perfect grassroots organization, our efforts here in Fresno/Clovis to shine a light on people who are living in extreme poverty, represents to me a very local and human response to making sure that people, especially women and children DO NOT DIE JUST BECAUSE THEY WERE BORN IN THE WRONG PART OF THE WORLD.

So today, one day late for #BAD2013 I might add, I am thankful for all the volunteers and supporters of ONE. I am thankful to Congressman Devin Nunes office for consistently listening to our concerns and advocacy and building towards Clovis/Tulare CA 22 becoming a voice for the global poor.

In the last several years we have signed up over 1,000 new ONE members through outreach events, concerts and personal sharing. Nearly every basic human right is threatened by extreme poverty and each of us can use our voice for those don't have one!