Friday, January 9, 2009

from different angles :: orange county

I think that songs are an enduring art form. This can at least be partly attributed to the flexibility of songs and the ability to see a song in different light from many different angles. If you were to deconstruct a painting and then reconstitute in a different form, it would no longer be the same essential composition but take a song and deconstruct it .... and the song survives and in the best of scenarios, even thrives.

I figured that it wouldn't be terribly inappropriate to start a recurring feature off with a song I wrote, called "Orange County." Now, I am of course aware that the brilliant Pigeon John also has a song called Orange County, and there is also a movie starring the occasionally brilliant Jack Black. Both of those are great, but this songs has nothing to do with either. I did spend over four years living in O.C., so that was about the only title I could use for this song. I'm not in any way, implying that there is all that much to discover about this particular composition, only that it does serve as an example because I happen to have access to a bunch of versions, hehe.

So, that said, in the future I'll dig a little deeper but this is a relatively new song and I'll share three versions here, justin landis covers the song up a key.

I played the song live during a recording session (ostensibly to submit the song to the TV show Scrubs, as of now this recording has not been completed)

And finally, the overdubs play it live at club fred during our three guitar phase.

Of course, you can also check out the original version of the song, featuring banjo work by Paul Chesterton, from the album Here is Where We Are by downloading it from

"Orange County" by The Overdubs

thanks for listening, see you next time.

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