Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Hello everyone, it's been all Storm of The Century around here during the last week and so I've been sleeping in my jeans and wearing long johns and things of that nature. Speaking of sleeping in my clothes, I have a theory that it might be the missing ingredient in rediscovering my creativity. I am hoping to return home with two new songs completed for our upcoming The Overdubs reunion concert.

Two days ago, it was really icy and one car crashed into the light pole in front of the canal outside of Jim and Dar's 106-year-old house, causing it to fall over. Less than two hours later, another car ran off the road and due to the absence of said light pole, crashed into the canal...made me glad I don't have to drive here. Biking in the slush and snow is dangerous enough.

A blurry picture shot through the second story window up here where we sleep.

The rescue taking place (disclaimer, it was warmer inside than out but some of us went outside to make sure no one needed help).

Top albums of the year post coming and Decade in Review also....

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