Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lists, Love Wins

Normal things I saw this weekend and/or Signs that the End is Near

1. An overturned pickup truck smashed to pieces with both occupants apparently unharmed. This scene caused us and twenty other vehicles to leave snow-buried Shaver Lake at speeds under 25 mph.

2. My NCAA bracket in ruins.

3. My son terrified of getting out of the "snow boat" sled as we waded through 4 ft drifts in order to "play."

4. The playground at Northpark turned into a stew of wood chips and eventually a pond suitable for fish and ducks.

5. A blog post featuring me reading a controversial recent best seller that I haven't actually read.

Pretty sweet albums in my weekend, mental vacation playlist

Bright Eyes- The Peoples Key
The Strokes- Angles
The Tallest Man On Earth- Sometimes The Blues is a Passing Bird
Brandon Flowers- Flamingo

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