Friday, May 30, 2008


I remember holding your hand
for the first time
I remember the moon in your eyes
for the first time
crush me

In an alternate reality, CUSH is the probably the biggest band in the world. In this one, they made one brilliant album and played a few brilliant of which I was so fortunate to see at the Glass House in Pomona, California. My friends Matthew Powell and Justin Landis accompanied my now-wife and I to that Violet Burning/Cush double bill. From what I understand, there may be another CUSH full length at some point, but it seems that Michael Knott, will sadly, never play with the band again. Therefore, as good as the Prayer Chain instrumentalists are, they are only half as good without the juggernaut that is Mr. Mike Knott.

Below is a great version of "Crush Me" from their self-titled record and a messy, crazed version of Knott's own "Cool"/"Thru" medley. Prickett gets down on this one.

Here's to hope in things that will never be.


dave said...

I LIVE in that alternate reality

Lauren said...

Every time I hear the name Michael Knott I think of you sing "Rocket and a bomb" at the Nu Brew. I'm not actually sure if thats the actual name of that song...but I went and bought the Cush album after that night and never grow tired of it. It's funny because I've never met another soul besides you and a few people who know you....who have even heard of Michael Knott or Cush for that matter. That's Missouri for you.