Tuesday, July 8, 2008

aquatic recreation, G8, George W. Bush

Watching Amelia play in her kiddie pool this afternoon in the 106-degree heat, I was compelled to reflect on how much we are blessed just to live in a country with a clean water supply that is abundant enough for us to water our lawns with and even, gasp! to enjoy water recreation. That fact alone is pretty incredible.

So despite the 111 forecast for tomorrow and in spite of the less-than-desirable air quality and in spite of the failing economy and the war on Iraq and the high gas prices, I choose to be thankful that I live here, in Fresno, in California, in one of the most prosperous countries in the history of mankind. I'm looking forward to hearing from my friends and coworkers Nate and Dave(that looks like COW workers if you read fast) who have arrived safely in the Congo and begun the Jubilee project.

Meanwhile, as the G8 summit continues-- in spite of international pressure, it appears as though the power countries may not reaffirm their commitment to the continent of Africa.
If so, this could spell disaster for many of the relief efforts currently under way. One question I have for all of the band-wagon AIDS-crusading celebrities...where are you now? Is the election of a democratic president really more important than supporting the current administration on one of the few things Bush has really done well: advocate for Africa and AIDS relief? I am no Dubya fan but I will give hime credit for staying true to the cause.

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Curt Harlow said...

great post. It amazes me how quickly Africa can drop out of the spotlight when in reality it dominates our world in suffering and facilitating global problems.

Let's talk sometime soon.