Monday, February 2, 2009

innovation vs. learning vs. experience vs. knowledge

"Innovation is amputation."

Just had an interesting discussion with Nate Mullen about progress and artificial intelligence. Interpret the above quote as you wish.

I've been getting pretty into the Visual Bookshelf facebook ap. Just finished The Gum Thief by Douglas Coupland and reviewed it. Also finished Everything Must Change by Brian McClaren.

"Coupland is rightly accused of retreading the same disaffected post-modern territory in some of his novels. In my opinion, his work is also wildly inconsistent from novel to novel. However, The Gum Thief is quite original in structure and tone, and ranks up there with his best books IMO (Microserfs, Life After God, Generation X). Sure, we feel like we already know some of these characters, but Coupland manages to three-dimensionalize them and the plot(not always his strong suit) is engaging enough to support the characters themselves."

"A great, easy to understand, summary of the major global crises facing humanity...McClaren is especially skilled at pointing out the hypocrisy behind our western perspectives and pointing to Jesus as the solution for a Revolution of Hope. Regardless of political idealogy or theology, we can all agree that the current suicidal system is in need of a complete and comprehensive change."

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