Sunday, February 1, 2009

super bowl, boss, chili

One of my new year's resolutions (in addition to using zero individual sized plastic water bottles in 2009) is to recap important events immediately rather than planning to blog later. Invariably, those entries rarely get written. For instance, I have yet to blog my new year's resolutions.

Today was a great day for community at Northpark. Our morning gatherings were lively and included a laugh-out-loud hilarious Hanz and Franz routine from Jason Tatham and Ron Nelson. Then at least 200 hundred people came out for the Super Bowl, Chili Cook Off and Classic Rock Halftime Show. Bekah's aunt, Cynthia Sondeno, won the Cook Off and the band (known to me as Raul Hernandez and the D-HOUSE BOYZ) tore through the classics "Come Together," "Rock and Roll," "Behind Blue Eyes," "La Grange," "Dead or Alive" and a song by some band called Velvet Revolver (hehe). I didn't even regret missing the Boss...

Anyhow, it would've been nice if the Cards had pulled it out but you can't complain (unless you are an actualy Arizona fan) when the Super Bowl is an actual contest.

Mostly, today was a reminder that I am blessed with a great family, great friends and a great faith community. Sure, some people raise their eyebrows when I squeeze MGMT and Tokyo Police Club into the Super Bowl mix, but I think they like us here.

One More Thing, I think Springsteen should have played "The Rising".

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