Tuesday, September 15, 2009

blip.fm, autumn and the feeling, 5:45 am

yesterday felt like fall, today feels more like post-summer. don't ask me for a definitive definition, I just feel it in my bones (arthritic, 29 year old bones?)

Yesterday my whole family, parents, brother and sister, came over to the apartment and we ate tri-tip from the crockpot and watch the Bills and Raiders throw victories away and rejoiced as the Giants were victorious over the Rockies. It was a great time for sure. Bekah led the Eight Bible Study at Northpark which started at 8:00 pm but she was home in time for the 4th and 15 touchdown by the Raiders. Unfortunately she had Tomlinson in her fantasy line up.

Also, yesterday I got up at 5:30 and walked across the parking lot in the rain to attend a Men's group. Consequently, today I am tired. But it was worth it.

OK, so enough sports, how about amateur DJ playlists: here's what I came up with over the weekend. Also, I briefly linked my twitter account not realizing that it would send a message every single time, sorry if you get mobile updates....

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