Friday, September 4, 2009

David Bazan, When They Really Get to Know Me They Will Run From My Blog

Sitting here on my day off, post-Bob The Builder exhibit at The Met downtown, with two startling realizations.

1. Yesterdays post is likely to make the top 59 Ryan Townsend blog posts ever. AND ...
2. I am only posting entries at a clip of two to three per month, at least one of which consists only of the words "Your Power Animal is The Siberian Chipmunk."

With this in mind, I am returning to what I love, semi-obscure indie rock artists and critically tolerated general market films masquerading as "indie." The Darjeeling Limited comes to mind.

David Bazan has always been one of my favorite artists. Painful, brutal honesty, and tunefulness rarely mix with fictional stories AND thinly veiled autobiography so well. His new record has mostly gotten attention for the fact that he's reportedly abandoned the Christian faith, but we won't count that against him because Curse Your Branches is full of the vitriol and self-deprecating humor we've grown to love as well as being quite easy to hum along to.

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