Monday, April 7, 2008

be kind rewind; sweded

lest I be mistaken for a corporate shill, let me begin by saying that last blog entry I name dropped emusic and now I'm going to mention New Line Cinema's Be Kind Rewind but ONLY because, a) emusic is the underdog of corporate indie music sites and b) Be Kind Rewind, though it comes from a major studio is quite funny and not likely to make billions of dollars.

I saw the film with my cousin on Saturday and while it's hardly a classic in the vein of Michel Gondry's best film Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind, it is as enjoyable as his last film The Science of Sleep. Critics are rightly pointing out that the funniest parts of the movie are the "Sweded" remakes of Hollywood films but the Ghostbusters remake is easily worth the price of admission alone. Look for this word, sweded, to be in our/my vocabulary for a long time... I'm posting the film official trailer and then Gondry's own Sweded version.

Also if you visit the Internet via the official website, be ware it (The Internet) itself, has also been sweded.

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