Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"the silent tsunami" world hunger crisis

"It's being called the "Silent Tsunami." In three years, prices for the basic staples that feed the world—wheat, rice and corn—have risen by a staggering 83%. For people in the developing world, affording enough food to eat is becoming a daily struggle for survival.

The New York Times is reporting that in Haiti, people are eating cakes made of mud mixed with a little sugar and oil to try and beat the hunger pangs. Without action to stop the upward spiral of food prices, 100 million people around the world will face deeper poverty and hunger, and hundreds of thousands will confront famine and starvation.

In the face of this suffering, we cannot be silent."

Celebrity activism has given activism a bad name. Greedy corporations have co-opted legitimate justice causes, like the caring for the environment, like the HIV/AIDS crisis in order to make more money. And yet, no matter what their motives, true help still brings hope and redemption. Political pressure on the G8 countries may not convert reluctant action into righteous action but it is still action and still VITAL. Please consider taking action on this important issue. I have seen first hand the crushing effects of poverty on people who spend everything on one meal per day and it will take regular people like you and me to create the kind of public will to influence leaders of these countries to take the kind of global action that is needed. Please consider taking action here.

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