Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Myriad, i don't want my mtv, however, this is a good band

So, this morning was the first time in a long while that I watched a few videos on VH1, nothing too earth shaking but since I don't watch or listen to the radio, I did find that pop music is not as annoying when you've been removed for a while.

Unrelated to that, I did get ahold of a copy of The Myriad's new ep, which is a teaser for the forthcoming With Arrows, With Poise which is apparently coming out sometime soon, though the record has been delayed many times. Winner of some kind of mtv2's next big thing contest, this is definitely a band to be aware of. My friend Ginny from Davis turned me on to this band and the first record, You Can't Trust a Ladder was pretty decent. However, based on what I've heard of the Prelude to ARROWS ep, this new record has the potential to be phenomenal. Vaguely post-punk, vaguely british, vaguely new wave, all infectious and kind of what radiohead might sound like if they were younger and willing to make hit singles.

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