Monday, April 7, 2008

indie rock in the information age; the overdubs

Post-modernism leaves many things up for interpretation...good band names are often in the eye of the domain owner. Two years ago when I embarked on the journey of choosing a band name for my solo project turned community musical chairs turned full-fledged band (hopefully), I largely evaluated names based on domain availability. Such is the reality of indie rock in the information age. was available and hence, the band ::: the overdubs ::: was born.

of course, the overdubs already existed, we were called girlfriend in a coma before that and we did own, however people generally pre-judged us as a Smiths cover band and though I liked the Smiths a good deal (certainly enough to name the band after them) we weren't really about being a facsimile of someone else.

so, here is where we are. two years in, one album released. enough money made to cover the two year godaddy renewal and some dollars banked against the future. when you consider the travel, hosting costs and podcasting, we've probably only lost a few dollars. the future is now ... and it's happening slowly. the next two years should be fun, if nothing else. I still think we have a fine, fun album in us.

Here's a clip of the overdubs then: (gf in a coma style)

john thomas-guitar; travis goode-drums; brett rash-bass; bekah townsend-keys, vocals; ryan townsend


justin said...

we are what we play. that's why we gotta get some shows scheduled. i'm gonna try for the skate park show this week.

dave said...

i am jazzed, i just found out that is available.

what are the odds of that?

Can we open for you?